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"We have been working together since 2001, creating paintings, prints, and artists’ books. Perfectionists in terms of technique, in our quest to pursue formal innovation, we have begun to deconstruct the conventions and techniques of the silkscreening process. Our process involves intentional colour overlaps, smudges, bleeding, glitches and transparencies. As such, each piece is conceived intuitively, like an experimental painting, in which accidents, errors and un-learning play an important part. Our works prompts to rethink the understanding of what a book, a print, or a painting is. Our books are series of prints, our prints are as if they would be painted, and our paintings echoes prints."


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THE WALL | new exhibition space at In:Surgo! curated by Vincent Surmont

Exhibition Monika Grabuschnigg "WARPORN"
Vernissage 15.8 at 19.00

//Mønika Grabuschnigg, 1987 born in Austria / Vorarlberg, studied Visual Arts in Vienna, Jerusalem and Santiago de Chile. She lives and works in Berlin with on going working stays in Tel Aviv / Israel and works in the fields of painting, photography and sculpture.//

In the work series WARPORN, the abstraction of violence and the post-modern and asymmetric warfare and its representations are the main areas of research. Monika Grabuschniggs’ focus is on the artefacts of security-fetishism that surround us increasingly. Her work reflects an aesthetic fascination for objects that are made to overcome angst and foster (self)-control 

In the Warporn series and the prints shown here, though seemingly mostly abstract, all the shapes, lines and marks represent something real. Shapes and colours are getting introduced and worked over, actions that keep being repeated.
Reminiscent of the iconic image of the atomic mushroom cloud but being worked over constantly like a sort of imitation of the process of remembering and forgetting, until the work becomes “ the whole story”

Grabuschnigg beliefs in the power of Objects, or more specific the power we give to objects in order for them to become valuable. She has a fascination for specific objects and moments made iconic by their part in a history (whether military, Utopian, counter-cultural, scientific, artistic or automotive) and translates those same objects and moments into exquisitely crafted works that play their own role in a private and tangled narrative.

Derived from the repeated patterns found in her WarPorn Series the sculpture combines thus a ornamental/decorative value with a connotation of violence and conflict.
Executed in a very polished, almost baroque manner and hung against the wall like a prized object.
The artist does not want to produce hermetically closed works, but instead evoke complex situations that can be read on different levels, the construction of a network of references to avoid any kind of limited definition. Every aspect of these works appeal to our imagination. Not as such in a narrative manner but in terms of movement, patterns, structure, rhytm and tactility.

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Our new exhibition space co-curated by Vincent Surmont the Wall is located inside our shop and studio.

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