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"We have begun to deconstruct the conventions and techniques of the silkscreening process. Our process involves intentional colour overlaps, smudges, bleeding, glitches and transparencies. As such, each piece is conceived intuitively, like an experimental painting, in which accidents, errors and un-learning play an important part. Our works prompts to rethink the understanding of what a book, a print, or a painting is. Our books are series of prints, our prints are as if they would be painted, and our paintings echoes prints."

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L Y N X Megazine

L Y N X  - 13 €   

Price: 13 €
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A meta-visionary publication of contemporary visual culture.

L Y N X is a print platform for an exciting range of underground artists and established names, showing rare and surprising works that invite the reader to explore the connections and references formed across the printed pages.

L Y N X is made by artists for artists and friends of art. It combines the best of the DIY attitude and brazenness of zine culture with high-end publishing and production to create a fiercely unique cabinet of curiosities in print.

Michael Gira, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Richard Kern, John Isaacs, Helge Reumann, Frédéric Fleury, Lorenz Estermann, Bradley Benedetti, Ragnar Persson, Arnaud Loumeau, Noel Ruiz, Nine Yamamoto-Masson, Kristy Foom, Lucien Mollusk, Édouard Baribeaud, Antonin Gaultier, Ian Atkinson, Massimiliano Bomba, Becky Yee, Sonnenzimmer, Dragan Prgomelja, Heath Valentine, Michael Young, Andrew McLeod, Diane Berg, Tamara Henderson, Laura Silleras, Elizabeth Skadden, Alex Auriema, Roisin Dunne, Christian Gfeller, Anna Hellsgård, Jakob Hinrichs,  Cathy Ward, Justin Williams & Brent Wadden.

Book specs:
136 pages, 17 x 24 cm, English text, ISBN 978-3-940907-11-0

Includes a limited edition Screen-print by Gfeller & Hellsgård !

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w/ Franziska Holstein & Katharina Immekus
at Galerie Christian Ehrentraut
Opening 7. November, 5 - 9 pm
7.11 -20.12.2014
Friedrichsstrasse 123, 10117 Berlin

Solo Exhibition
at Lendroit éditions
15.01 - 27.02.2015
24 bis place du Colombier
Rennes, France
+ Conference Beaux Arts de Rennes
13.01, 18h





Our new exhibition space co-curated by Vincent Surmont the Wall is located inside our shop and studio.

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