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Naked in the Gallery | Christian Gfeller

NAked in the GAllery - Sold Out

Christian Gfeller's new book Naked in the Gallery was born out of the exhibition Naked in the Gallery, held for Bongoût's 15th anniversary in April 2010.
Since the creation of Bongoût gallery in 2008, Gfeller has been inviting nude models to pose in the exhibition space and react to the inspiration provided by each show, resulting in surprising and radically different portraits of each of the twenty exhibitions themselves.
The unconventional models are each confident and beautiful in their own way, strong personalities whose spontaneous interaction with the artworks is caught by the camera and re-presented here in immaculate b/w silkscreen.
The models and photographer reclaim the gallery as a space for expression and interaction, and as a place full of vitality and fun, not a dead white cube. The naked models play with the art space, create relations with the exhibitied artworks, with a fresh kind of necessary irreverence to the usually stiff gallery context. Leafing through the book is effectively a virtual stroll through two years of Bongoût's history as a gallery, seen from a very rare and intimate angle.

Each of the 24 silkscreened pages offers a sliver of retained time, a glimpse of youth and fun, a radical sense of freedom.

1 colour screen-printed on black 350 g paper, 24 x 29,5 cm, 24 pages incl. cover, ed. of 60. Handbound, signed & numbered.

Sold Out