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Black Mountain, Gigposter | Gfeller & Hellsgård

Gfeller & Hellsgård, Gigposter - 20 €

Black Mountain dress their murky rock songs up in impressively druggy blacks and blues, but an awful lot of sharp classic rock still squishes through: "Druganaut" mines raucous 70s Zeppelin, "No Satisfaction" nods gently to the Stones and Velvet Underground (vocalist Stephen McBeam pulls an awfully convincing Lou Reed--especially when hollering defensively about how "Everybody likes to claim things!"), and the curious opener "Modern Music" even sounds kinda like E-Street Shuffle-era Bruce Springsteen. "There are five people in the band, and that all adds up to a lot of collective taste," explains drummer Joshua Wells. "But our tastes are not limited to classic rock." ( by Amanda Petrusich,

 This a 7 colours silkscreen poster on 300 g white paper. 50 x 67 cm, 67 ex, numbered.

Price: 20 €
Incl. shipping in Europe !